Your students will learn in a unique environment at Pioneer Farms — about history, science and nature. Our historic sites and natural areas turn into hands-on laboratories through our numerous programs for schools groups, from large to small.

  Different programs are offered for various agencies — includingKindergarten, Grades 1-6, Middle School, even special learning opportunities for High School students. Most programs meet or exceed state TAKS requirements, and curriculum and other teacher materials are available by request.

  Check out our programs list for full details, schedules and pricing. We can accommodate groups from a few to several hundred. Special walking tours and guided tours are available on some weeks by reservation.

  For competitive rates and more details, please contact our School Programs Department at Info@PioneerFarms.org. Completion of a reservation form and payment of a $50 deposit is necessary for you to reserve a tour date for your class or school. The fastest way to book a field trip is to book it online.



  To make your class visit to Pioneer Farms even more special, and to extend the learning opportunities from the Blackland Prairie into your classroom, bring in one of our Traveling History Trunks several days before your visit — and get another teachable moment about Texas history.

  Trunks are available for rental on a first-come, first-served basis. They include teaching materials, historical items that can be held and displayed to your class and other pioneering items. You can book a Traveling Trunk here.

  For more details, please contact our School Programs Department at 512.837.1215 or send us a message at Info@PioneerFarms.org.



  Extend your homeschool curriculum and inspire your children with an honest-to-goodness chance to step back in time — with a visit to Pioneer Farms or by volunteering as a family to learn about Lone Star history as you relive it. We offer uniquely enchanting educational opportunities along with a chance to learn in a real Little House on the Prairie environment.

  We also offer special days for homeschool families to visit Pioneer Farms each fall and spring, with special admission prices. Watch our Web site for dates and details.

  For more information on opportunities Pioneer Farms offers to homeschool families, please contact our Administrative Office at 512.837.1215 or send us a message at Info@PioneerFarms.org.