Current Exhibitions

Special permanent and traveling exhibitions allow visitors to experience Texas’ colorful past at Pioneer Farms. The following are currently on public display.


Two-Stepping across Texas

Texas dance halls helped make the Lone Star State’s music history like no other, showcased in an exhibit housed in a century-old hall built in West Point, Tex.


Henry & Ben: two guns

Henry Orsay, a Union soldier, arrived with famous Army Gen. George C. Custer. Ben Thompson, a gunslinger, turned lawman. They showcase the colorful 1870s.


Indelible history

An amazing collection of the 1800s version of ballpoint pens features elegant silver inkwells and ones owned by famous Texans, even a hoof from a favorite pet horse.


Tickwan-tic: native people

Experience how the Tonkawa Indians, the first inhabitants of the Austin area, lived in the centuries before the first settlers arrived — among several tribes in the area.


Wheels of Time: austin original

From the expensive coach once used by U.S. presidents and Texas governors to an original Lone Star stagecoach, this collection of horse-drawn history will surely amaze.


Saddle Up! ranch FAMILIES

A celebratory examination honoring four Texas family ranchers and their lifestyles, and how they have been instrumental in shaping American ranch practices.