WOODWORKING: Hand-Cut Dovetails for Dummies

Hand-cut dovetails can seem like a daunting task with so much mystique and skill required, but the truth is they are a basic and simple woodworking joint that anyone can learn in an afternoon then spend a lifetime perfecting.

Noted hand-tool woodwright James Wright will show several different methods to cut dovetails, starting with a basic through dovetail that requires only a couple tools. Then, it will move on to a couple methods of using jigs and different layout techniques. And if time allows, and the class wants to try, we will attempt the half-blind dovetail.

The goal of this glass will be to remove the fear of hand cut dovetails and provide you with the know how to tackle them any time you want.

Come along for the jury of joinery. Only 12 students will be accepted for this special hands-on class. First come, first served. Grab your spot below!

Tool List:

  • Dovetail saw of your choice

  • 1/2" and/or 1/4" bench chisel

  • Mallet

  • Small Square

  • Marking Knife

Optional tools:

Cost is $200. Space is limited, and we expect the available slots to fill up fast.

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