WOODWORKING: New classes in August and the Fall


  Three new hand-tool woodworking classes have been added to our expanded summer schedule of artisans classes and workshops.

  New Saturday and Sunday classes are being offered in Basic Hand-Tool Woodworking, our introductory traditional carpentry class, according to Michael Bush, our traditional woodworking instructor.

  The classes will run from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Cost $75 is person, with the materials fee included.

  Also on the summer schedule is a Wood Finishing class that will provide instruction in oils and shellacs, as well as more modern finishes, colors, buffing and polishing.

  Also up: Making An Heirloom, an introductory class where there will be four projects to chose from: Make a beer-tap handle, a rustic tool box, a Jenga puzzle set made from walnut and maple, and a bird feeder or bat house with cedar. Or Make an Adirondack Chair, where you'll leave with the skills to make this classic.

  In these classes, you'll learn how to drill holes using a brace and bit, cut wood with a vintage saw, and shape wood with hand planes and rasps – just like the Pioneers did. Enroll now. Check our the Trades section of our Pioneer School classes.