Wondering how your family got to Austin? Or what famous outlaws and inlaws you may be related to? Or how you to go about tracking your family history?

 Mark Atkinson, a descendant of Harriet Bachman Jourdan, one of the original homesteaders on the property that is now Pioneer Farms, will present a special program on the fascinating history of his  family — and give insights about to go about researching your own family.

  This intriguing program will be moderated by Rhonda Leggett, a longtime student of Texas history who has a fascinating family history of her own.

  Join us for a fun and informative afternoon. Program runs from 2-4, with light refreshments and drinks served at the midpoint. 

  Admission fee is $10 a person, includes entry into Pioneer Farms' exhibits, historic sites and displays for the afternoon. Seating will be limited so buy a ticket online.


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