Scouting Programs & Workshops

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Fridays & Saturdays. By reservation: 512.837.1215 or
Boy and Girl Scout groups can camp overnight with Texas history, during which time they can complete requirements for other badges. Other weekend activities are available on request, for an additional fee, with our instructors or ones from your troop. Secure, close-in facility with cookout area.

FEE: $10 per person per night. TIME: Late afternoon arrival.     Enroll Now



Saturday mornings. By reservation: 512.837.1215 or
Our certified archery range is just the ticket for a history-filled weekend Scout activity for Cub and Boy Scout groups, adjacent to a nature exploration area where various Scout achievements can be earned. With a rangemaster and equipment on site, we’re ready when you are.

FEE: $35 per participant. TIME: Daytime hours.     Enroll Now



Friday & Saturday Nights.
By reservation: 512. 837.1215 or
Experience a council-fire gathering practiced by the First Texans in the early 1800s, under a centuries-old oak tree where Tonkawa Indians once camped. Two hours of Native American history with real Nineteenth Century artifacts. Great for groups. Cookout area available.

FEE: $20 per participant, $200 minimum. TIME: Sundown.     Enroll Now

Boy Scout Merit Badges

Reservations required at least one week in advance of class date:
Taught in an historical setting. Class size is limited, filled on a first-come, first-served basis, with minimum enrollment number for class to be held. Fees listed below. One badge per day. 



By advance reservation, February-November.
Learn about metallurgy, alloys, and non-ferrous and ferrous metals in a single class, taught in an historic 1800s blacksmith shop. Meet the requirements of this popular badge in one day. No knives made. 

FEE: $125.   Enroll Now



By advance reservation, March-November.
Learn the ABCs of this frontier Texas trade, in our saddlery shop. You can meet the requirements of this popular badge, and take home a hand-made souvenir, as well. Projects vary from class to class. 

FEE: $50.  Enroll Now



By advance reservation, February-November.
What better place to get this history merit badge than at a real campsite of the Tonkawa Indians that once populated Central Texas, at least a far back as the 1600s. Everything you need for this badge, at one place. 

FEE: $50.  Enroll Now



By advance reservation, February-November.
Bring your Totin’ Chip and we’ll teach you all about basic woodworking, from saws and shaving horses to planes and lathes. Taught in an 1800s carpentry shop. You’ll leave with the badge and ready to go to work. 

FEE: $100.    Enroll Now



By advance reservation, February-November.

  Learn how to make baskets from wood fibers and reeds, to create both decorative and useful containers for your home and garden. Learn the basic techniques in an afternoon, with a take-home project to boot. Make one type of basket in May and another style in November — Market and Oil & Vinegar. Materials provided. 

FEE: $100.     Enroll Now


Saturdays & Sundays. By advance reservation:
Classes to complete activity badge requirements in one afternoon, for the following Activity Badges: Adventure, Animal Career, Camper, Collector, Local Knowledge and Naturalist. Everything you need. Cub Scout activities also offered. For dens or entire packs. Advance reservation required. Taught in an historical setting. Class size is limited, filled on a first-come, first-served basis, with minimum enrollment number for class to be held. 

FEE: First activity, $10, others $5 each. TIME: 1 hour each, 1-3 p.m. weekends.   Enroll Now