GOURMET GRUB: Sandwiches fresh daily

  You asked for it. Now you’ve got it.

  A variety of gourmet, reasonably priced and healthy foods that visitors have been asking are now on sale in our General Store in February. Come out, take a tour of 19th century Texas and have a yummy lunch while you're looking around.

  The menu will include sandwiches, wraps and delicious sides — all freshly prepared by The Green Cart, a top-flight Austin gourmet kitchen.

  They will be available on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays — and group orders can be accommodated if orders are placed with us a week in advance. To order, send us a message at Info@PioneerFarms.org.

  In addition, a variety of healthy and ‘skinny’ snacks for all ages will be offered in the store to accommodate visitors’ requests.