Experts from Travis Audubon will be out to explain what the local birds look like, their sounds and the habits — from Cooper’s Hawks to Black-Crested Titmouses and Amertican Redstarts to Painted Buntings. Even the brightly plumed Blackburnian Warbler, shown above in a photo by Laura Heartwood, will be discussed

The special 10:30 a.m. program is free and open to the public, and will be held in our century-old Wessels Dance Hall. Attendees don’t have to pay admission to get in, but will need to ante up if they want to tour the museum grounds afterward to try to spot the birds they just learned all about.

An early May survey by Travis Audubon found 43 different birds species on our grounds, including several listed as awesome. The latest count included a Yellow-Billed Cuckoo, an Eastern Wood Pewee, Baltimore Orioles, Common Yellow Throats and a Wilson’s Warbler, among sparrows, hawks and other varieties.

Bring your binoculars and notebooks for this most fascinating free lecture. And learn about the nature around you, much as it was in 1800s Texas.