Your donations to Pioneer Farms go directly to support our important and unique Texas history programs, from our engaging exhibits and programs for schoolchildren to our artisans initiatives and service-learning opportunities. The reason is that we're a volunteer-run museum without much overhead so that all of your contributions can go directly to the history programs you love.

  Among our ongoing projects: The circa-1858 red barn pictured on the Home Page and above will be reassembled once we raise $10,000, for use in a new horse-drawn transportation exhibit we have planned. It will show visitors what frontier life was once like, and how got around before the days of cars and interstates.

  It is along several preservation projects and new exhibits that are planned, including the development of sites showcasing the successes of freed slaves — the Freedmen — after the Civil War, a little-explored but important part of Texas storied past,

  Since our volunteer corps assumed operations in 2003 to save the museum from closure, we have done a lot with very little — and are proud of the fact that we stretch every dollar given more than twice its amount, though in-kind donations and with volunteer labor. In just a few years, we have greatly expanded our programming and exhibits, al thanks to your continued support.

  Consider a year-end gift to our Momentum Fund to help support our one-of-a-kind programs that keep Texas history alive and real for more than 48,000 visitors this year alone. Contributions of any amount are much appreciated.

  Donate today to help support this grassroots, volunteer-managed preservative initiative that has become a national model for the can-do Texas spirit of accomplishment . All contributions are fully tax-deductible.